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Service Overview

  • Lodging Tax Consulting, Audit and Revenue Management
    • Administrative Enhancement
    • Revenue Generation
    • Revenue Management
    • Seminars for Lodging Providers and other Compliance Enhancement
    • Specialized Projects

  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax Consulting and Audit
    • Administrative Enhancement
    • Revenue Generation
    • Revenue and Licensure Management
    • Seminars for Licensees and other Compliance Enhancement
    • Specialized Projects

  • Franchise Fee Compliance Review, Monitoring Programs and Consulting Services
    • Electric Providers
    • Natural Gas Providers
    • Telecommunication Providers
    • Cable / Video Providers
    • Solid Waste Haulers and Recyclers

  • Sales Tax Consulting Services
    • Sales Tax Compliance
    • Sales Tax Reporting and Forecasting

  • Red Light Camera Compliance Review

  • Alternative Fuel Tax Credit
    • Revenue Generation
    • Revenue and Registration Management
    • Administrative Enhancement

  • Occupation Tax/Business License Program

Latest Success Story


How does our Lodging Tax Revenue Management service differentiate itself from a simple tax administration service?

Recently, a medium sized municipality with fourteen lodging properties came to us. Its ordinance didn’t comply with statute, its return form didn’t capture the information necessary to assess the credibility of the reporting, and it had no registration to know who was operating and collecting its revenue. We fixed that immediately! Half of the providers were delinquent in returning and remitting the lodging tax and a third were seriously delinquent. We fixed that immediately! Within thirty days, all but one of the delinquent providers had paid or entered into an installment plan with the city, with collection action initiated against the scofflaw. The lodging providers were not knowledgeable of the intricacies involved in collecting the tax. We fixed that immediately too, holding a seminar and furnishing them with materials on the exclusions and other helpful information. All this before we processed the first return/remittance. And, when we did begin to do that, the first reporting period all fourteen properties returned and remitted timely and appropriately.

You can get a cheaper revenue clerical service, but you can not get a better revenue management one.

We have the knowledge and experience to fix problems, not merely process payments.